Picture Editing

Editing pictures really well takes time, and my results should not be confused with those who just blur skin to look like plastic, or those who over-expose skin so you can't see the imperfections. That is why I often get asked "does everyone you photograph have perfect skin?" and "do you edit pictures?". Of course the answers are no and yes, and I love getting those questions because it means my results are exactly how I want them to be, everyone's skin looks near-perfect and natural.

The bigger the resultant picture, whether for the internet or for printing, the more detailed the editing needs to be, and so the longer it takes. Small 600x400 pictures, and 6x4" prints may not show skin imperfections, and may not need much skin editing. Large 2400x1600 pictures, and 12x8" prints, specially with close face shots, will need careful editing, even for those with near-perfect skin.

I edit pictures in two stages:

Stage 1: Removing Imperfections

I remove spots, scratches, scars, stretch marks, bruises, birth marks, indentations, unwanted hairs, and anything else I think detracts from the beauty of the picture.
I especially want to know whether there are any things you are concerned about, and want me to pay attention to when editing. Maybe a bent nose, bags under your eyes, lines, whatever.
Unless you want otherwise, I will remove moles I think are distracting.
I can remove small tattoos, but larger tattoos take a long time and are not part of a standard edit.

Many ladies express concerns about stretch marks. Can I please reassure you, unless they go through tattoos, they are not a problem for me to remove, and you won't see them in the edited pictures.

If body shape is an issue, there are three solutions:

  1. Embrace your body shape, dress well for your shape, have confidence as you are, because your confidence will show in the pictures.
  2. I can help a lot during a photo shoot. I will suggest ideas & poses, and use lighting and camera angles that flatter. This is my preferred option.
  3. I can adjust body shape when editing. I prefer to avoid this, and prefer any adjustments to be subtle, but I will do what I am asked. If there is an unfortunate bulge in a picture, at say an armpit, I will tweak it to look better by default.

I will remove any unwanted or distracting things in the picture, whether it's a post in the background, or a mark on the floor, even a house in the distance.

An example of a full-glamour edit from a boudoir shoot:

This is an example of a full-glamour edit given a magazine-type glamorous look, including adding false eye lashes:

Stage 2: The Look of the Picture

Once I have a picture free of unwanted imperfections I will then adjust it to give a certain "look". There are many possibilities, and each picture will tend to suggest a look.
A few ideas are:

  • A dramatic strong look. This might be ideal for a bikini on the beach with a sunset behind picture.
  • A softer more dreamy look. This might be ideal for a romantic picture.
  • Black and white, maybe with one part kept coloured. Some baby pictures look good like this.

When you ask me to edit a picture, if you have a "look" in mind, just let me know.

A Few Examples of Looks

This is an example of a boudoir style glamour make-over with Andrea Hooper. This takes longer than a normal edit. Not that Andrea is one, but this make-over technique is very suitable for the more mature lady who wants to look younger but still natural.

This is an example of a detailed glamour make-over of the naturally very beautiful Sam Coffin. This takes longer than the normal edit:

This is an example of a dramatic strong look:

This is an example of a softer more  dreamy romantic look:

This is a black and white picture with just the lovely blue eyes kept coloured:

Editing may involve more than just removing imperfections and creating a look. It may involve something more creative, like these:

This isn't so easy to see on a smaller picture, but the area inside the frame is patterned like an oil painting:

Only one "babe", but two in this "babewatch" picture: