My Services & Prices

Who am I?

I'm Steve Selwood and I am a full-time professional photographer based in Rangiora, North Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. I specialise in wedding & portrait photography. I have a house and garden that I use for photo shoots, so I can offer a variety of looks/styles.

***** Specials Offers *****

30min Family Photo Shoot - just $99
All pictures supplied 3600x2400 pixels (big enough to print 18x12") in colour and black&white via dropbox.

1 Hour Family Photo Shoot & 5 edits Special - just $140
Normal price $277.5 ($180 photo shoot + $97.5 editing)
In my studio/your home/outdoors
All pictures supplied 3600x2400 pixels (big enough to print 18x12") in colour and black&white via dropbox.
Your selection of 5 edited pictures suitable for printing 12x8", 9x6" and 6x4" supplied via dropbox.

2 Hour Photo Shoot & 10 edits Special - just $250
Normal price $455 ($260 photo shoot + $195 editing)
In my studio/your home/outdoors
All pictures supplied 3600x2400 pixels (big enough to print 18x12") in colour and black&white via dropbox.
Your selection of 10 edited pictures suitable for printing 12x8", 9x6" and 6x4" supplied via dropbox.

Photo Shoot Prices

1 hour photo shoot: $180 - typically over 100 pictures, often many more
2 hour photo shoot: $260 - typically over 200 pictures, often many more
3 hour photo shoot: $340 - typically over 300 pictures, often many more

You get all the (unedited) pictures from the photo shoot high resolution (~5600x3700 pixels) in colour and black&white, big enough to print any size, on a DVD, without a watermark, usually posted next day :)
If you need the pictures urgently, tell me in advance, bring a pen drive, and I will copy the original pictures on to your pen drive at the end of the shoot for you to take away. Please make sure there's plenty of space. As a guide, 200 pictures needs about 1GB.

You'll get between 60 and 400+ pictures per hour, depending on the type of shoot.
You can change clothes as many times as you like.
We can use as many outdoor locations and studio sets as time allows.
We can do as many different ideas/styles of picture as time allows.

Optional Picture Editing Prices

I aim for my pictures to look great straight out of the camera. Most people are really happy to receive all the pictures I take unedited in colour and in black&white, and they just get them printed 6x4" and cover their walls with them :)
There are a few reasons why you may want some of the pictures edited:
1. You want to print them larger than 6x4" and you want skin imperfections removed.
2. You want a special look for the picture.
3. You want two or more pictures combined, for example to create a group picture.

The price for editing is quoted based on what is required. See my Picture Editing page for full details of how I edit pictures.

As a guide:
1. Wedding style edits, which means a mix of pictures, with a limited number of close face pictures, are $195 per 10 edits. These have limited skin retouching and are more about cropping and the look of the picture. Emailed 2400x1600 pixels suitable for printing 12x8", 9x6" and 6x4".
2. Detailed face retouching, 2400x1600 pixels, for printing up to 12x8", are $35 each, supplied by email.

Christchurch Wedding Photography Prices

Please see my Wedding Photography page.

Graduation Photography

Please see my Graduation Page, for example graduation pictures.

Replacement DVDs

I endeavour to maintain two copies of every shoot I do. I cannot guarantee that in x years time I will have a copy of your shoot, but that is my aim.
If you lose your pictures and want a copy I should be able to do that for you. It will cost $40.

Vouchers / Gift Certificates

Please contact me for these. I supply these personalised - I think you'll like what I do. I can send you samples, and we can discuss what you'd like. There is no extra charge for this personalised and beautiful gift. The recipient can keep the voucher.


Cash at the beginning of the shoot (no cheques, no EFTPOS) or by internet banking a few days before (non-refundable if you fail to turn up).
I do not normally ask for a deposit for normal photo shoots. If you need to re-schedule, please let me know at least the day before.
I'm an easy going person, and I am understanding of unexpected events that may prevent you turning up, but please be considerate of my time. If you fail to turn up, that's time in which I could have had a chat or done a photo shoot with someone else, and the preparations I've made for your chat/shoot is wasted time and effort.

My Guarantee

I am determined that everyone who does a photo shoot with me gets results they love and that they have an enjoyable experience.
If something should go wrong on your shoot (like unexpected bad weather, or illness etc), or simply because I am not totally satisfied with the results, I'll happily do another photo shoot with you, completely free of charge.
So far, I've only had one model who fell ill during a shoot, probably due to food poisoning. She got great results, but not as many as I would have liked, and she obviously didn't enjoy the shoot like she should have done, so I offered her a free shoot.
This guarantee does not apply if you bring someone else on your shoot, who adversely affects it.


For normal photo shoots, that can be easily repeated, see my guarantee above.

For weddings, and any other one-off events:

I am very careful to make sure I have the right information, and I like to re-confirm a week or two before your wedding.
I make sure I have contact information for those involved, and I make sure that I have backup transport available.
Being human though, and life being that little bit unpredictable, and although I've never had anything go wrong, it is just possible that I may fall so ill that I cannot attend your event, be somehow unable to attend, and it's just possible that a camera malfunction will result in loss of images, although I have methods to minimise that possibility (multiple cameras, multiple cards, and recovery software should an error occur on a card). So when booking me for a wedding, you accept that small but finite risk.

It's possible I may make a mistake or somehow be hindered from capturing some of those special moments you wanted me to.
It's possible, even probable, that the schedule will slip, and we won't get time to create all of the pictures that you'd like.
If on your wedding day I don't get the time needed to achieve the results you and I would like, all I can do is my best.
So when booking me for a wedding, you accept that reality.
Anyone booking a wedding photographer with unrealistic expectations is going to be disappointed.

Pre-Shoot Consultation

I prefer if possible to see pictures of you before the shoot (friending me on Facebook is ideal).
I then like to discuss makeup, nails, clothes and photo shoot ideas & locations. Hair and makeup artists available on request.
Good pre-shoot preparation is vital if you want the very best results :)

Please contact me so we can discuss the options. I'm very happy to answer questions and I'm very keen to understand what you are looking for so I can create the very best results for you.

Photographers - please note

I'm sorry, I do not offer photo shoots to photographers (or their partners/spouses). I do not provide training to photographers nor do I provide positions for 2nd shooters or assistants. I do not reveal my techniques which I have gained through study, experience, research, and ongoing innovation.

My FREE Services for Charitable Organisations and Local Community Groups

If you are a charitable organisation or local community group, and you can't afford a professional photographer, then please contact me, and I'll do my best to provide a FREE service for you.
If you are organising a fund raising event, please contact me, as I may be able to offer a free photo shoot as a prize.

My approach to portrait photography

I want those I am taking pictures of to have fun, to enjoy themselves, to remember the photo session as something interesting and positive, and to get pictures they love.
If you've never done a photo shoot, please don't worry, I'll guide you about poses, give you positive feedback, and give you confidence by showing you the results in the camera.

Thank you for visiting my website.
Steve Selwood