Unusual or Creative Photography

Some people want something never seen before. Coming up with an idea that no one in the world has done before isn't easy, but I am a very creative person, and I'm always coming up with new ideas. So if you want something different, unusual or creative, just say.
Some ideas may involve me making a new prop for my studio, some may involve a certain set being built in my studio, some may involve a special prop, and some may involve a certain photographic technique and editing afterwards.

Here are some examples.

This one is of a teenage son taken during a family shoot at their home. The son wanted film noir style results from his part of the shoot :)
This is the original colour version:

This is the "black and white" version. Pretty cool for a family photo shoot :)

In my studio:

Magical in the woods:

Using a globe:

A picture frame and editing:

The round window I've built for my studio, and the many ways it has been used so far:


A set constructed in my studio specially for this shoot:

A prop, the hat, and special lighting:

A picture for a local business, special lighting for something unusual:

A couple of different ideas I had for a shoot: