Studio Photography

Because I have a film set style studio, I can construct many different sets, and create many different styles of picture. My studio is usually setup differently for each photo shoot, and changes during a photo shoot, which is why I create so many different ideas, and everyone tends to get something different.
The boudoir style pictures are listed on their own page.


Mum Bianca (taken on a cake smash photo shoot!).


An alternate crop and a very different look.

Hanneke looking rather glamorous.

Clementine Lay.

Recently I was lucky enough to photograph Frances Malcolm in my studio. I know that I am photographing someone very special when they can just wear an old shirt, and look this amazing!

If you are in any doubt how beautiful Frances Malcolm is, and why she is such a great model, here's a closer edit.

The same picture with a different look. Great pictures often can be given many different looks and look amazing in all of them.

Hayley wearing a dress made by me, in my studio.

This time a number of black & white shots together to create an interesting arty result.

Britney from the "girl in a bar" series in my Rangiora studio:

Britney from the "pole dancing" series in my Rangiora studio:

Clementine (now 18), "The Story of Clem":

A modern version of 1920's glamour:

A new idea, using a set I constructed specially for this photo shoot and a different lighting system :)

Clementine (17):

Tahleicia Seil:

In my studio on her 1st ever photo shoot, with lots of different and great results. If you've never done a photo shoot, but would like to, but if you're worries whether you could, just go for it, contact me, look at these results :)

Her 1st proper photo shoot, and what a result! This is the standard of result I aim to achieve with everyone, model and non-model. I find it particulalrly satisfying to create a result this good with someone who's never done it before :)

Some dramatic lighting, and a wind machine, with Maruschke Barnard:

This was a really fun studio shoot with Maruschke Barnard and Gabriela McCormack:

A very simple black background, with Gabriela McCormack:

Hair styling by me:

I built this set specifically for very beautiful window ideas:

I built this prop, which can be used in many ways:

This is a low key setup (dark background):

This is Maruschke Barnard doing her makeup in my studio:

With a high ceiling, I can photograph from high above, and create pictures like this:

These are near high key (white background) pictures, but I like to do things differently to what most photographers do :)