Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photography in your own home, or in my nice warm comfortable home/studio, the choice is yours.
Newborn baby photography is best done between 5 and 15 days old. As your babies gets older you'll get slightly different pictures with more open eye pictures.
If at your home I will bring everything that's needed, and I just need a little space, so no need to change your routine or worry about tidying up.

For prices see My Services & Prices page.

Sleeping babies wrapped like this look very cute :)

Such a cute picture :)

Look how big dad's hand is compared to this newborn baby. Awwww :)

Photo shoot with edits package

The advantage of booking a photo shoot with editing. See My Services & Prices page for details. Here is an example of the original picture and the edited result.
It really is worth the extra to get wonderful edits for your wall or album. Because I supply the edited digital file, you can print as many as you want the sizes you want.

From a 2 hour newborn baby photo shoot with 10 edits. These are some of the edits (made smaller for my website).

From another 2 hour newborn baby photo shoot with 10 edits.


12 day old Annika, who slept all the way through the shoot. This is an unedited picture, so you can see what the pictures on your CD will look like.

Annika with mum Maz :)

By contrast, an 11wk old baby. You can see how much more alert babies are by 11wks old.

Theodora at 15 days old with mum Agnes.

Theodora at 15 days old.

Mila at 12 days from an "in your own home" photo shoot.

Mum Nicole wanted pictures of Nevaeh with her riding gear. Here is one example.

Nicole and Nevaeh from an "in your own home" newborn baby photo shoot.

3 week old Nevaeh with the three family dogs.

Here is Sam at 4 weeks. You can see the difference a few weeks can make. More alert, less easy to get those sleeping newborn baby pictures. But it is still possible, although the number of results may be smaller than at 5 to 12 days.