Modelling Photography

This page contains pictures that look "modelled", in which those photographed look like models. Some of the ladies featured are aspiring models, some just wanted to do a photo shoot with me and be "a model for the day". My aim, even with those who have never done a professional photo shoot before, is to create results that look like they could be in a magazine.
If you would like to experience a professional photo shoot, have fun, and get pictures like these on your first shoot, then just contact me :)

You can see more examples on my Studio Page.

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Anna Win in the Botanic Gardens Glass House in Christchurch.

Anna Win in the Botanic Gardens, Christchurch.

Pictures from a Commercial, Corporate and Advertising Photography photo shoot with Dannielle Kemper.

Hayley wearing a dress made by me, in my studio.


Britney on her first photo shoot. Such a good variety of expressions, I've used the results for my modelling tips page.

Cynamon Proud from her 1st professional photo shoot:

Clementine (17):