Maternity Photography / Pregnancy Photography

There are many options for maternity/pregnancy photo shoots. Look through this page and you'll see some of them, but I'm happy to create other ideas.

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From an outdoor pregnancy photo shoot. Two different styles created. If you let me know what style of pictures you like I'll edit to suit your taste :)
This one is similar to the original picture:

This one is quite different:

Photo shoot with edits package

The advantage of booking a photo shoot with editing. See My Services & Prices page for details. Here is an example of the original picture and the edited result.
It really is worth the extra to get wonderful edits for your wall or album. Because I supply the edited digital file, you can print as many as you want the sizes you want.

Pregnancy Pictures created in my Studio

Lareesa Stelios

This was taken during a wedding. Lareesa was one of the pregnant ladies present.

An alternate look for the same picture.

Agnes Wyschka

Yes I know there's no bump, but this is such a beautiful picture I just had to include it :)
This also shows that when I do a pregnancy shoot, the pictures don't all have to be pregnancy pictures, there can just be beautiful portraits.

I think you can tell from these pictures how much Agnes enjoyed her photo shoot :)

Nicole Scully

This shoot was done 3 days before Nicole's due date!
Normally I recommend doing a photo shoot at least a few weeks before the due date :)
These were taken in my Rangiora studio.

In the garden outside my studio:

From the "in your own home" maternity/pregnancy shoot with Nicole the day before:

Liz & James

From a 4 hour couples pregnancy shoot with Liz & James. The first set are from the "in your own home" part of the photo shoot.
The left and right hand pages of an album layout:

When put together in an album, the layout will look like this:

Another album layout, the left hand side:

The right hand side:

The resulting album layout:

Layout 3 for Liz and James:

Layout 4 for Liz and James:

These were also taken in the home of Liz & James, which shows what is possible with an "in your own home" photo shoot.

Layout 6.

Layout 7.

Layout 8.

The following layouts include pictures taken during the outdoor part of the photo shoot with Liz & James.

Steph & Sam

From a couples pregnancy/maternity photo shoot in my Rangiora studio:

From a pregnancy/maternity photo shoot in the Botanic Gardens in Christchurch: