Ladies Outdoors Photography

Gabrielle who is one of the 20 Miss Universe New Zealand 2016 finalists.

Outside my studio after a family shoot.

Late afternoon in Rangiora :)

Spring in Rangiora :)

A late Sunday afternoon in Rangiora :)

Rangiora High Street on a late Sunday afternoon, the rebuild in progress.

Rangiora is quite a good place for outdoor photo shoots :)

Myra from a somewhat random and unexpected Sunday afternoon photo shoot.

Britney Blackler on a late afternoon shoot, such a great time of day :)

Madison Leith on an autumn photo shoot. Different clothes, different places, different looks, all from one photo shoot.

An alternate crop:

From a woodland shoot with Jeanna Duggan.


From a family photo shoot, but a picture for "mum", Jess McGiffin :)


Outdoor photo shoot in the summer:

Ladies outdoors, often with flowers, or pretty landscapes.