Glamour Photography

Glamour pictures tend to be more overty sexy and can be more revealing. Few ladies give me permission to publish their glamour pictures.

Some ladies give me permission to show others their pictures on my computer, so if you are interested in a glamour photo shoot and want to see more examples, you are welcome to visit me for a chat (by appointment).

If you'd like to do a glamour photo shoot but feel a bit nervous, unsure, you are welcome to visit me for a no obligation chat (by appointment).

If you are interested in a glamour photo shoot it's also worthwhile checking my Boudoir Photography page and Beach Photography page along with other pages listed on my Main Page.

If you want a glamour photo shoot for pictures as a present for your partner, you may also want to consider video for part of your shoot. It is a way of creating something different, surprising, sexy, and maybe a bit saucy, for your partner. Please ask me about this option, as we'd need to chat about ideas and plan well beforehand. Many ladies arrive at my studio a little nervous at the idea of creating a video, but leave after seeing the results stunned at how good they look.
The videos I create are high definition, high quality, professional looking videos, similar to the best music videos.

Carmen from an "in your own home" boudoir/glamour photo shoot.

I orignally gave this picture this look.

But after doing another picture differently, I rather liked that look, so I also did this one this way. This shows how the same picture can be given very different looks.