Couples Boudoir Photography

Pictures that show your beauty, your love for each other, your passion. Art for your wall.
In a relaxed atmosphere so you will both feel comfortable and can express your feelings for each other in pictures.
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Christchurch couple Terry & Cathy in my Rangiora studio.
I could tell Cathy was a little shy/nervous to start with, so I suggested we start with them both fully clothed so they could relax and get used to being photographed. Afterwards Terry said he thought it would be "do this do that" and not very enjoyable, and that he was pleasantly surprised how relaxed and comfortable he found the whole experience, and how he enjoyed it.

For privacy reasons I can't show any of the really beautiful pictures showing their faces, but these will give you a good idea of what we created and what is possible if you want a shoot like this :)

I suggested Terry take his top off first, and after some more pictures, Cathy felt comfortable to do this.