Christchurch Wedding Photography Albums

As a Christchurch wedding photographer, I suggest those planning their wedding should think about how they will want their wedding pictures displayed. The options include framed pictures, digital picture frames, and albums. This page gives some idea of what is possible with wedding albums. Each side of a layout could also be displayed in a digital pictures frame, giving you a digital album that could be always on display.

Queensberry Wedding Albums

One option for displaying your wedding pictures is a very high quality luxury Queensberry Album (made here in New Zealand).
After your wedding I can design an album to suit your wedding pictures, telling your story, showing your personality, your day.

Wedding Photo Books

For those with a more modest budget, similar designs can be created for photo books.

See my Christchurch Wedding Photographer page for prices.

Wedding Album Examples

These are examples of how the pictures from a wedding can be presented in an album.

Ellen & Robert's Wedding Album

An overview of the complete album.

From the pre-wedding photo shoot a few days before the wedding.

Waiting for the bride at her parents house. The flowers arrive, the father is making last minute calls. The house is quiet, expectant.

The bride, maid of honour and bridesmaid getting ready.

Ellen leaving the house for the Rolls Royce.

Ellen enters the hall with her father, and then the wedding ceremony, Ellen marries Robert.

The recently married couple, Ellen and Robert. Pictures that show their love and also their personalities, the way they interact.

The black Rolls Royce was an important part of Ellen & Robert's day, which is why it features so much in these designs. It was owned by the Governor General who made the 1st official crossing of the Auckland bridge when it was opened in 1959. Ellen & Robert's wedding day is now part of the history of this car.

"The Bridge was opened on Saturday 30 May 1959 by the Governor-General, His Excellency Lord Cobham, whose car made the first crossing that day. The ceremony was held on the Toll Plaza, at Sulphur Beach, with about 1000 guests in attendance." See ref

Lord Cobham's Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce motor car, 14 September 1957

Reference Number: NZ Obits-Cobham, Lord-05

Lord Cobham's 4.9 litre Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce motor car. Photographed by an Evening post staff photographer on the 14th of September 1957

With thanks to the National Library of New Zealand for supplying the picture

Which inspired this layout.

A more conventional version with Ellen and Robert with the black Rolls Royce.

This layout shows how much fun the main wedding party had with the Rolls Royce.

More fun outside, Ellen making out she needed a ride and the main wedding party having fun on the road outside the hall. Celebrating the marriage of Ellen to Robert.

Anna & David's Wedding Album

An overview of the complete album.

Anna and the main bridal party on the way to the ceremony from the hotel.

The bridesmaids leading the bridal procession from the car to the ceremony.

Anna and her Dad walking to the ceremony.

The ceremony, Anna marries David.

Immediately after the ceremony.

The married couple, David & Anna.

Some group pictures.

The happy couple enter the reception.

At the reception.

Some of the guests at the reception.


The celebration of the marriage of Anna to David.