Child/Children Photography

These are examples of children from family photo shoots. At your home, in the park, on the beach, in my studio, the choice is yours. There are also examples in the Babies Page & Family Photography Page.

For prices, please see My Services & Prices page.

From a 2 hour pregnancy photo shoot, during which I created lots of different types of picture, pregnancy pictures, and various family groupings, including of course lots of these two girls :)

Photo shoot with edits package

The advantage of booking a photo shoot with editing. See My Services & Prices page for details. Here is an example of the original picture and the edited result.
It really is worth the extra to get wonderful edits for your wall or album. Because I supply the edited digital file, you can print as many as you want the sizes you want.

From a 2 hour studio photo shoot of a 2 year old girl.

Some outdoor pictures.

From a wedding.

Taken during an "in your own home" baby shoot, the older sister.

From a visit to the wedding venue. Just a few pictures taken while there. A bonus for those who book me for weddings :)

This is a 100% crop of a picture to show the quality of my pictures.

I have an ever growing list of props for family and child photo shoots. Here is Leah, with my caterpillar, Big Ted, and rocking horse.

From a family photo shoot in my studio:

Many teenagers get spots. I think it's nice for them that I can edit pictures and provide nice results like this :)

An example from an "in your own home" photo shoot:

From a family photo shoot in my Rangiora studio:

In my Rangiora studio:

From a photo shoot in my Rangiora studio:

Jack and Poppy from a 2 hour family photo shoot at their home:

Claire from a 1 hour family shoot at their home:

From a mum and son shoot at the beach:

Magical in the woods:

A mum and daughter shoot at the beach:

A studio shoot: