Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography in my Rangiora Studio, in your home, or in a setting of your choice.

Boudoir photography is a style, a look. Boudoir means "A woman's private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom". A boudoir photo shoot is a very flattering option for ladies of any age and figure, with the right poses and lighting flattering your best features.

Boudoir pictures can be beautiful, romantic, sensual, or sexy. You can wear dresses, lingerie, be topless or nude, covered or revealing, as you wish. Sometimes lingerie is integral to the look of the picture, sometimes, specially bra straps, are best not seen. If you scroll down you'll see many different examples.

If you don't think you can do it, yes you can. This is how most boudoir shoots go. The lady arrives a little nervous. I take a few pictures and show them to the lady. She has a big smile on her face, she's never seen herself look "that good", and the nerves are gone. At the end she says "that was fun" and "wow, that was a confidence boost". It's easy. Really :)

If you want a boudoir shoot for pictures as a present for your partner, you may also want to consider video for part of your shoot. It is a way of creating something different, surprising, sexy, and maybe a bit saucy, for your partner. Many ladies arrive at my studio a little nervous at the idea of creating a video, but leave after seeing the results stunned at how good they look.
The videos I create are high definition, high quality, professional looking videos, similar to the best music videos.

Few ladies give me permission to publish their boudoir pictures. Some ladies give me permission to show others their pictures on my computer, so if you are interested in a boudoir photo shoot and want to see more examples, you are welcome to visit me for a no obligation chat (by appointment).

If you'd like to do a boudoir photo shoot but feel a bit nervous, unsure, you are welcome to visit me for a no obligation chat (by appointment).

You can see examples of my artistic nudes on Tumblr, some of which are taken in a boudoir style. Only look if you are not offended by artistic nudity.

There are more glamorous examples on my Glamour Page. Another style of boudoir is my Contemporary Boudoir which offers a very modern boudoir look, and in some cases is inspired by the book Fifty Shades of Grey, and I have a page dedicated to Fifty Shades of Grey inspired photography.

Carmen, in her home.

Chantelle Riley. These were taken in a Christchurch Suite I have access to. If you'd like pictures taken in this setting, just ask.
All of these pictures from a 5hr photo shoot.

Or, if you prefer, there is the artistic simplicity of black&white.


.. or black& choose...

A different crop and a different look.

An alternate crop.


Donna looking ever-so glamorous.

Amber Thompson

From an "in your own home" photo shoot. This shows how little you need in your home to create beautiful pictures.

An alternate look for the same picture.

Joni Heard

Joni doesn't mind me saying that she is 35 and has three children. If you want to look amazing, there is no excuse :)

A warm sensual elegant boudoir picture with Joni.

The same shoot with Joni, with each picture given a slightly different look, depending on how I felt it would look best.



The left and right hand sides of an album design for Helena. This shows how your photo shoot pictures can be displayed in creative ways.

The resultant album layout page.

Vintage style boudoir for part of Hazel's photo shoot:



Pre-Wedding Boudoir

Pre-wedding boudoir photo shoots are becoming more popular, usually very white and light, soft, romantic, with a little sexy. If you have your wedding booked, how about booking a pre-wedding boudoir shoot? Something for you and maybe a gift for your fiancé. This can be done in my studio, or in your own home using the natural window light and my lighting.

This could be a pre-wedding picture or just a light soft romantic boudoir picture:

No age limit, no size limit, no excuse

Over 40? Not as slim as you used to be? Would you like to look like this? You can if you do a photo shoot with me. There is no excuse, no need to lose weight and tone up, just contact me :)

For Ladies of Any Age

Boudoir is an ideal option for ladies of any age. This is an example of a photo shoot with Faye Levett. The pictures have been given a full-glamour edit.

Amanda Hooper:

Sensual Boudoir

Young Ladies

Caitlin Bartley:

A vintage boudoir styling with Tahleicia Seil:




This picture:

inspired this idea:

and several pictures from that shoot inspired this:

Boudoir pictures don't have to be revealing, and can be just very beautiful, like this picture:

A variety from one photo shoot (more revealing pictures on Tumblr):

It's not often I'm asked to photograph two ladies at once. The results can be quite unusual, like this picture:

The same ladies separately:

A boudoir style, with a dress, taken in the lounge on a sunny day:

An alternate crop:

I'm pleased I got a chance to repeat a boudoir shoot in the same lounge on a cloudy day, just to show what I can achieve:

In my studio, with some sophisticated and artistic lighting:

In my studio with a dress in a 1920s style:

In my studio, this time with a slinky dress:

In my studio with Dannielle:

A closer crop of the picture above:

Zusje in my studio. In this 1st picture a white bra probably wouldn't have made much difference:

This is a great example of where a bra would have ruined the picture, because the strap would have been visible next to her right arm. Good boudoir is about lighting and lines. Bra straps can ruin the line of the back, which should look long, slender and elegant. A bra strap will shorten and ruin that line.

By contrast, the lingerie in this picture is an integral part of the look.

Jaimee in my studio:

Rose in my studio:

Marewa in my studio:

Jaimee in my studio:

Nina in my studio, wearing a dress, in a boudoir style: