Photography At Your Home

A photoshoot at your home can be a great option. Some people will be horrified at the idea, thinking "not in my home, it needs redecorating, it's dirty, we have old furniture".
You may be surprised what amazing pictures can be created in very simple surroundings. Of course, if you have a nice window or a nice couch, we can create some amazing pictures :)

Leanne McCurrie

Kelly Thompson

I did a 2hr family photo shoot at the beach & park, and then a short "in your own home" shoot as it had started raining. This shows what is possible in almost anyone's home.

Frances Malcolm

I visited Frances's home, and we used different spots in her house, with different clothes and props. None of these ideas were planned, these were all creative ideas at the time. The results, as you can see, are quite simply stunning.

This is Frances on her couch, in front of her window, with one of her children playing at her feet. This shows what is possible in an "in your own home" shoot :)

This is Frances by her front door.

Frances in a beautiful dress, with the wooden floor, corridor, doors, a beautiful box I spotted in another room, and the kitchen/lounge as the background:

This is a very simple set-up, just using a chair in the corner window, a beautiful relaxed mood, resulting in a beautiful pose, very simple, very beautiful.

Clemetine Lay

A simple and beautiful picture just using a shirt.

Teri Underwood

From an "at your own home" shoot with Teri Underwood:

From an "in your own home" shoot for Savannah:

"In your own home" and using the natural light with Coral:

This picture was taken in the lounge, in front of a normal fireplace, yet in my opinion, looks amazing:

Here is another:

Just sitting on the family couch in the lounge, yet beautiful: