Artistic Nude & Fine Art Nude Photography

Artistic nudes & fine art nudes can be revealing or not. The pictures below are all "implied nudes", meaning nudity is implied but not seen. To see some examples of revealing nudes, look at my Tumblr page. Only look if you are not offended by artistic nudity.

There are also artistic nudes on my boudoir page, but unlike these, created in a boudoir (bedroom-like) style.

As you can see, artistic nudes & fine art nudes tend to be very simple uncluttered pictures, concentrating on form and shape, lighting is very important, and done well, they are very beautiful, and would make great pieces of art for your wall.

Suitable for any age over 18, and any size figure, with poses and light flattering your best features. If you don't think you could ever look this good, book a photo shoot with me and be surprised :)

Few ladies give me permission to publish their artistic nude or fine art nude pictures. Some ladies give me permission to show others their pictures on my computer, so if you are interested in an artistic nude or fine art nude photo shoot and want to see more examples, you are welcome to visit me for a chat (by appointment).

If you'd like to do a photo shoot but feel a bit nervous, unsure, you are welcome to visit me for a no obligation chat (by appointment).

Francesca Alvarez.

An alternate tone.

Nicole wanted pictures for her husband for Xmas. She told me she wanted to lose weight (about 20kg), and would like a photo shoot when she had, but "could we do a shoot now?". I said "of course". This is one of the results, printed 30x20" and mounted in a $300 frame, which her husband has hung in their lounge. He obviously loves it :)
This shows that amazing results are possible whatever your age or size. There really is no excuse. If you want to look beautiful, sensual or sexy, you can.