Wedding Videography Christchurch NZ

Example Wedding Videos

Antonia & Curtis's Wedding at Flockhill Station

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A 17 minute long film-style fusion video covering the whole day.
Celebrant: Sean Joyce
MUA: Leanne McCurrie
Photography/videography & editing by Steve Selwood Photography, Rangiora, New Zealand.
The 2nd & 3rd photographers/videographers were Alice Selwood & Emily Selwood.


A Wedding at Hinton's, Vineyard - Restaurant - Function Centre

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A 13 minute long film-style video covering the whole day.
The preparations were at the Airport Gateway Motel, Christchurch, NZ.
The ceremony and reception were held at Hinton's, Vineyard - Restaurant - Function Centre, Christchurch, NZ
The celebrant was Julie Lassen.
The videography & editing was by Steve Selwood Photography, Rangiora, New Zealand.
The 2nd & 3rd videographers were Alice Selwood & Emily Selwood.

Response from the bride:
"Oh Steve... the video is incredible!!! I've just watch it three times and see something new I didn't see each time... especially precious for me who hardly remembers much of the ceremony... it was all a blur! ..... It is exceptional what you have done....."

Response from Dina Hinton of Hinton's:
You have done an incredible job and really appreciate being able to pop this on our website.
I'll make sure to pass your name on to everyone that comes through - you have done a stunning job. Thanks, Dina

From groom Patrick:
Dear Steve,
It has been 3 months since you took a video of our wedding at Hinton's in Christchurch.
I have been meaning to write to you since then to express my heartfelt THANKS for the video you produced of that day.
I initially had my reservations about the need for us to spend any of our limited wedding budget on a video thinking that we would get enough memories from the still photo's we had arranged plus we would have the chance to throw a video camera at a family member and get them to take some video.

That would have been without doubt the WORST decision I may have ever made......What you produced is simply STUNNING.... and I am at a loss for words to explain how absolutely treasured this video is to Athalie, myself and our children.

Your skill and professionalism on the day, where you managed to capture so much from so many different angles and you did all this while being very unobtrusive, has been matched by the way you have put the finished product together.

The first time I watched it I was in tears (which is quite unusual for me) within the first minute as I got to see my beautiful bride and my daughters getting ready and there are truly some priceless shots of my youngest two that I would never have seen but for you!

I am responsible for quite a few of the 250 odd views our wedding video has had on youtube and every time I watch it, there is something new that catches my eye or a memory of that fabulous day that is piqued.

For any of your prospective clients that are weighing up the option of getting a video of their special day I have two words..... DO IT!!.

Everyone has a limited budget and weddings are expensive whatever way you do it....the day goes so quick and its very stressful for the Bride and Groom and the Wedding party, you miss so much of what happens and memories fade fast afterwards....but if you have something like we have now with this video you have produced Steve....the memories last forever!!

Thank you
Kind regards
Patrick Dennehy


Jenn & Nick

Click the picture or here to view on YouTube

A 17 minute video of the full ceremony specially for relatives who couldn't attend.

The celebrant was Sean Joyce
The videography & editing was by Steve Selwood Photography, Rangiora, New Zealand.
The 2nd videographer was Alice Selwood.
The venue was Oderings Cafe, Barrington, Christchurch


Wedding Video / Videography Coverage Prices

You pay for my time to video your wedding and you get all the unedited video on USB stick.
I normally video using up to three cameras from different directions, so that you get lots of coverage of what happens.

2 hours coverage - $949
3 hours coverage - $1099
4 hours coverage - $1249
5 hours coverage - $1399
6 hours coverage - $1549
7 hours coverage - $1699
8 hours coverage - $1849
9 hours coverage - $1999
10 hours coverage - $2149
11 hours coverage - $2299

This includes:
A chat about what you'd like.
Being present at your rehearsal (if possible and local).

For video included with photography, please see my main wedding photography page for prices as the videography is included at a small additional cost.

Optional Editing Costs

3 minute highlight video: $230 (+ music cost, see below)
7 minute short film-style video: $345 (+ music cost, see below)
10 minute long film-style video: $460 (+ music cost, see below)
20 minute full-day fusion video $575 (+ music cost, see below)


The options for music are:
1. Paid and licensed music. As a guide $10 to $75 for one track of about 4mins, depending on the source.
2. Free to use music with credits included with the video.
I cannot include your favourite music unless it is available with a license, which most pop music is not.
If you add music afterwards, any copyright infringement is yours and not mine, I only use music in keeping with copyright law.

I will select music which I think is in keeping with your wedding and the style of video I'm editing.
If you have specific music requirements please discuss these with me.

Minimum Booking Conditions

Minimum booking price for a Saturday during October, November, December, January, February & March is $1399.
Minimum booking price for a Saturday at any other time is $1099.


A non-returnable deposit of 10% of the total price (minimum $100, maximum $200) will secure my services for your day.
Final payment at least 1 week before your wedding day.
The price you pay is the price advertised when you book, even if my prices subsequently rise. You can even change your mind on what you want, and still pay the price advertised when you booked. So you have complete peace of mind knowing what the total cost will be when you book with me.


I am very careful to make sure I have the right information, and I like to re-confirm a week or two before your wedding.
I make sure I have contact information for those involved, and I make sure that I have backup transport available.
Being human though, and life being that little bit unpredictable, and although I've never had anything go wrong, it is just possible that I may fall so ill that I cannot attend your event, be somehow unable to attend, and it's just possible that a camera malfunction will result in loss of images, although I have methods to minimise that possibility (multiple cameras, multiple cards, and recovery software should an error occur on a card). So when booking me for a wedding, you accept that small but finite risk.

It's possible I may make a mistake or somehow be hindered from capturing some of those special moments you wanted me to.
It's possible, even probable, that the schedule will slip, and we won't get time to create all of the pictures that you'd like.
If on your wedding day I don't get the time needed to achieve the results you and I would like, all I can do is my best.
So when booking me for a wedding, you accept that reality.
Anyone booking a wedding photographer with unrealistic expectations is going to be disappointed.